Solutions for Long-Term Care

PointRF provides SNFs a single, affordable care management system that continuously (24x7) observes, reports and alerts on a resident’s condition, efficiently captures reliable health status information and ensures a safe environment. Such continuous monitoring and real-time awareness and reporting helps the administrators and staff avoid re-hospitalizations, prevent accidents, better manage patient needs, monitor daily activities and ultimately improve the quality of care, the facility’s reimbursement and episode management

PointRF enterprise class, mission-critical, life-safety, health management solutions set a new standard for the way IoT technologies are integrated into everyday staff processes and resident care. Our innovative product Platform and available modules focus on core services such as health data collection, resident activity, wander management, resident / staff interaction, asset management, and providing reliable actionable data. Our products enable better management, assessment, response, and ultimately behavioral prediction of an organizations most critical assets: staff, residents, and equipment.

Recognizing that each facility has unique objectives and constraints, the NW2.0 Platform provides configuration flexibility to meet the diverse needs and goals of management, clinical, and front-line staff including:

SafeTpass Module & Products– Tracking of the location and activities of all tagged entities (residents, staff and assets); permissions management; wander management; anti-elopement; out-on-pass; access control and asset management.

SafeTsense® Module & Products– Integration of sensors combined with acuity tracking (alerts to trends in measurements); ambulation tracking; capturing vitals (including BP, weight, temperature, pulse ox and blood glucose); brief management; measuring staff-resident interaction; EMR integration; fall management; on-boarding assessment and bed sensors. [available 2016]

BeSmart Products– Enable better communication and coordination of your team using peer to peer messaging, voice communication, and dynamic staff task allocation, and measurements of staff time allocation with residents

Whether deployed in an entire facility, throughout a wing, or a floor, the NoWander Platform has a positive impact for all within the organization; owners, administrators, nursing, and residents. Our enterprise level open architecture platform provides the highest reliability and scalability to meet any customers’ single or multi-facility requirements.

Business Value

Reduced Risk of Deficiency and Rehospitalizations

Elopement Elimination and Controlled Wandering
Enhanced Resident Quality of Life and Dignity
Reduced Immobility Illnesses
Reduced Falls

Elopement Elimination and Controlled Wandering

Designed to maximize safety and security, the NoWander Platform leverages PointRF Dynamic Positioning System technology to maintain continuous sub-room-level location and activity statistics on all individuals and assets within the facility. Residents are outfitted with active RFID bracelets, which are configured with individual specific profiles that permit or prevent access to restricted areas based on factors such as time, day, and authorized staff escort. In addition these tags offer functionality for wireless nurse call from anywhere in the facility.

Enhanced Resident Quality of Life and Dignity

The NoWander Platform avoids unnecessary alarms and lockdowns by smart evaluation of the data it receives, escalating alerts as necessary: first to the nearest nurse station console, then to distributed alert screens and email distribution, with quick escalation to siren and flashing lights only when the situation warrants it. Each alert contains vital information on who, what, where: resident, staff or asset name; alert code or description; and location. Each facility can define custom alarm-condition escalation policies to alert staff quickly and quietly.

Reduced Immobility Illnesses

Preventing immobility illnesses such as pressure ulcers and urinary tract infections (UTI) is of paramount focus in any long-term care facility. Leveraging scheduling tools, facilities can use SafeTSense products to automate, track, and document activities such as bed turning. SafeTSense™ Active Wetness Sensing Diapers can be used to notify staff instantly when a changing is needed.

Reduced Falls

Specialized behavioral sensors including bed mats, chair pads, and floor sensor pads – all part of the SafeTSense™ product portfolio – can be placed anywhere, at any time, or assigned to any person — enabling facilities to monitor the activities at the highest granularity and provide alerts for predefined conditions such as fall detection. The SafeTSense services engine incorporates advanced logic to process sequential and non-sequential event data that it receives from the sensors, so it can escalate and alert on combinations of data that predict risk conditions. Such smart alerts can prevent resident injury such as falls by issuing “Fall Possibility” alerts when a resident is tossing and turning in bed or out of bed for a prolonged period of time during the night.

Increased Opportunity for Reimbursement/Reduced Risk
for Losses

Identification of Patterns and Trends for Specialty Services
Prevent and Defend Legal Claims
Reduced Equipment Shrink, Supply Losses, and Rental Overages

Identification of Patterns and Trends for Specialty Services

Facilities can capture critical data such as resident mobility, duration of time in bed, frequency in/out of bed, and walking distance traveled to uncover conditions that increase reimbursement such as physical therapy.

Prevent and Defend Legal Claims

Leveraging the PointRF Dynamic Positioning System technology, the NoWander Platform maintains continuous sub-room-level location and activity statistics on all individuals and assets within the facility offering the most accurate activity documentation for managerial and legal review.

Reduced Equipment Shrink, Supply Losses, and Rental Overages

The NoWander Platform can be configured to send loss prevention alerts when equipment travels to the wrong floor, outside of a designated room, or if the sensor tag tamper is activated is removed. You can use the system’s history on equipment utilization in making capital purchase decisions. Set alerts for your staff when a rented piece of equipment is nearing its return date. The system can also be programmed to record facility temperatures for regulatory reporting and alert when storage temperatures are out of range to help preserve the quality of medications.

Optimized Operational Efficiency

Reduced time to locate residents, staff, and assets
Increased equipment utilization
Increased staff productivity

Reduced Time to Locate Residents, Staff, and Assets

Leveraging the PointRF Dynamic Positioning System technology, the NoWander Platform maintains continuous sub-room-level location and activity statistics of all residents, staff, and assets. The web enabled dashboard and facility wall terminals provide instant search functionality and access to the graphical web based map interface.

Increased Equipment Utilization

Maintaining continuous location and activity statistics on all tagged assets within the facility, the NoWander Platform provides management with visibility to the utilization of equipment for Right-Sizing before capital purchases.

Increased Staff Productivity

The NoWander Platform services have been designed to reduce wasted time and cycles. Quick search functionality and the drastic reduction in unnecessary alarms enable staff to focus on their daily tasks and quickly and efficiently handle exceptions as they arise. Management has visibility to all staff activities enabling them to take quick corrective actions when needed and to evaluate ways to make overall processes more efficient for their facility.

Benefits By Role

Owners and CxO

Even the most well-run facilities have room to improve efficiencies, maximize financial returns, and differentiate themselves more effectively from their competition. The NoWander Platform provides unsurpassed management and oversight for all levels of staff, residents, and assets within a facility. It enables:

• Enhanced resident care and best-in-class services
• Improved prevention of re-hospitalization conditions
• Further reduction of deficiency penalties
• More accurate activity documentation for managerial and legal review

Facility administrators have the daunting task of balancing needs and requirements that come from five directions at once: from residents, family, staff, statutory regulations, and company goals. Maintaining continuous location and activity statistics on staff, residents, and equipment, the NoWander® Platform provides administrators with information that is vital to their success in meeting all requirements. It gives them the ability to:

• Define safe and unsafe zones for each specific resident
• Improve nursing and operational efficiency
• Measure asset utilization
• Enforce corporate and regulatory compliance
• Ensure resident quality of life

Directors of Nursing need to have day-to-day knowledge of all the activities of the nursing staff and residents within their care. They are required to work with the executive management of their facilities while they interact with physicians, administrators, nurses, orderlies, patients, and resident families. Since most nursing directors have spent years working as nurses, their experience allows them to easily understand trends, if they have sufficient information, and to arrange more efficient processes. The NoWander Platform provides directors of nursing with real-time and historical visibility into the location and activities of all staff, residents, and equipment within their facility, enabling them to quickly identify exceptions and address process changes as needed.

Everyday tasks are made more efficient with the NoWander Platform, including:

• Collecting resident health (vitals) measurements
• Locating residents, staff, and equipment
• Controlling resident wandering and preventing elopement
• Detecting and preventing resident falls
• Diaper-change management
• Bed-turning management
• Wireless nurse call response
• Staff duress response


Maintaining resident independence and dignity are paramount concerns for executive staff within a skilled nursing facility. The NoWander platform has been developed with services that monitor and account for the highest granularity of resident behavior, allowing staff to use the data collected to enhance each resident’s individual care plan.

Each resident is outfitted with a bracelet; the NoWander infrastructure is designed to accommodate each resident’s specific capabilities. Low-risk residents, residents who are not elopement risks, are free to move throughout the facility, indoors and outdoors, within designated safe zones. High-risk residents, residents who are elopement risks, are typically limited to a smaller subset of the building, such as a floor or a wing, and are permitted to travel outside that area with the assistance of a staff escort. Leveraging dynamic smart access and RTLS, the system prevents “at risk” conditions such as tailgating and unauthorized escort.

Features available for resident populations include:
• Personalized facility access profiles
• Wireless call, 24/7, from resident bracelets
• Facility lockdown on detection of bracelet tampering
• Tamper resistant & tamper detection bracelets for high-risk residents
• Server supervision of resident bracelet low-battery conditions
• Pedometer for Ambulation metrics
• Digital Watch

In addition, specialty sub-room-level behavioral and hygiene monitoring can be activated, using SafeTSense products to enable enhanced resident services, including:

• Fall risk alerts and fall detection
• Diaper management
• Turning management